Saturday, October 30, 2010

RIIR by Aranaz Launches the Mercato Bag

Rags2Riches is a social business enterprise creating social statement in style. Rags2Riches empowers women communities, and upcycles scrap cloth discarded by garment factories around the Philippines.
The RIIR by Aranaz Mercato bag is for the stylish woman who wants only the best for her family. She loves food and to entertain in style! The Mercato Bag is a stylized market / picnic basket using indigenous materials and recycled fabrics designed by Amina Aranaz and produced by the women of Payatas. The Mercato Bag is made in collaboration with Bounty Fresh.

RIIR by Aranaz muses:
 Audrey Tan-Zubiri

Audrey has 2 lovely kids, Adriana and Juanmi. Being a gracious host   is part of her role as wife to Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri. Miguel loves to entertain his friends and Audrey has become a master at planning and execution of these events.

Amanda Griffin-Jacob

Model turned doting mom to handsome baby named Kieran. She balances her time between Hong Kong and Manila while managing to throw Mother-Baby themed events for other style loving moms.

 Hindy Weber-Tantoco

Hindy values health and natural living. She is at a point in her life and career where she thinks less is more. “I think we need to rethink the way we CONSUME.” She wants to veer away from mindless, irresponsible, unsustainable consumption. She wants a new business model that embraces beauty, design, art, the good life—without compromising our planet and its less fortunate inhabitants. She embodies the Rags2Riches eco-ethical lifestyle.

Kaye Termulo-Garcia
Kaye has 2 adorable boys and a cute little girl. She has mastered the art of entertaining. She loves having friends over and enjoys planning themed parties and gatherings. It can be as simple as a particular cuisine and excellent table setting to match.

 Issa Litton
Issa is a mother of two and a sought after TV & event host. She also hosts  “Secrets of the Masters” a cooking show that airs on QTV Channel 11. She is a self-confessed and certified foodie.

Juana Manahan-Yupangco
Juana is a mother turned entrepreneur who recently launched her own line of little boys clothing called Capolino. Valuing giving her son only the best, she does not compromise style, health and nutrition for her family.

Loralee Baron-Soong
Loralee a co-founder of the School of Fashion and the Arts has 2 adorable twin girls, Noelle and Gabrielle. They are very fashionable just like their mom. Loralee has found a good balance between her career and family life and manages to look fashionable day in and out.

Erica Paredes

Erica is a fashion stylist and make-up artist but she also loves to cook and to entertain. She has been in the print (magazine and newspaper) industry since 2002. She is into conceptualizing and creating imaginative, fun, youth oriented editorials. She was also responsible for providing readers with beauty-related tips and articles, as well as feature new and upcoming products and monthly lifestyle articles, including personalities, restaurants and travel. Her passion for cooking and entertaining has led her to selling her own sweet goodies under the brand Birthday Café.
To create a unique environment for the launch of the RIIR by Aranaz Mercato Bag, we asked SoFA Interior Design in collaboration with The Event Architects to give a short seminar on how to entertain in style for our chic moms and foodies.
This afternoon’s snacks are from Bounty Fresh using their free-range chicken line, creating delectable finger food: Bounty Fresh Chicken Pandan, Bounty Fresh Chicken Strips, Bounty Fresh Chicken Terriyaki, and Bounty Fresh Pollo Asado.
Bounty Fresh Food Inc. is the second largest poultry integrator in the Philippines. It is also the largest supplier of commercial layers all over the country. As a continued effort to be the best poultry company in the Philippines, they are introducing the Bounty Fresh Free-Range Chicken. This is to cater to the growing need for an alternative source of chicken that can be grown and ranged in open areas just like our native chicken. This chicken can be grown organically and naturally thus providing a healthier alternative from the industrial white broiler.
Bounty Fresh is also the winner of the Asian Livestock Industry Award 2009 for Established Integrator, high distinction in Industry Leadership, Use of Technology in Operations, Health and Safety, and Marketing and Promotions. Bounty Fresh is Asia’s best chicken.
Leung De Leon Marketing Services Inc., is a boutique advertising agency who put the event together with Rags2Riches and Aranaz.

This event was brought to you by Bounty Fresh.