Saturday, May 28, 2011

Once a Hotspot, Always a Hotspot

Craft, Katsu, and Scarlet Launched

It was a yummy afternoon indeed with the recent launching of Craft Pub & Grill, Katsu
Yakitori Bar, and Scarlet Wine Lounge. It was a culinary and lifestyle journey marking
the rebirth of Manila’s nightlife and putting the Fort back in the map of the party scene.
Now the long wait is over, we have reclaimed the throne as the ultimate hotspot in the
Metro, with the newest dining and entertainment destinations.

Palettes have traveled far and wide throughout the night with each guest receiving a
passport and immigration card upon registration. Crossing borders entailed savoring a
hefty sample of signature dishes and drinks at every stop, allowing each to fully
experience the locale vibe and scene.

The first stop was at Craft where guests got their fill of the top flavors of Craft Wings and
the famous Craft Beers, which this college bar is boasting about.

Participants then moved on to Katsu to sample hot and fresh off the grill Yakitoris, coupled with Japanese sushi staples.

The final destination was Scarlet, where guests where greeted with oyster
platters, red and white wines and delectable cranberry whisky cocktails from Henessy.

The party definitely continued on at all three outlets, with Johnoy Danao performing at
Craft, late dinner service continuing at Katsu, and the official after party of the launch
happening at Scarlet. For the hardcore ones, Amber Ultralounge next door proved a
fitting choice with complimentary shots of their best mojitos and cocktails being served
to start the night right.

The scene looked all familiar and reminiscent of the happenings 3 years ago. And for
some creatures of habit, this was a most welcome sign that the strip is alive and kicking
once more. Our witnesses are a testament to this good news. So go, and spread the word.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


One of the first few things we did when we were setting up shop was to come up with a website for our company. As a boutique advertising agency, we at Leung De Leon Marketing Services understand the value of web presence and social networking. After the conceptualization of our website, we quickly created a Facebook fan pageand Twitter account that are both linked to our website. Why did we open a Facebook and Twitter account? To drive people / potential clients to our website. No one would be able to view our website if they didn’t know it exists! Normally, companies come up with print advertisements and announce their website on those advertisements so that potential customers can find out more about the company and their products. These days, a lot of people spend most of their time in an office in front of a computer. The public’s behavioral shift has caused companies to get on Facebook and Twitter and ask people to visit their website. Almost everyone has a Facebook account, even H.R.H., The Queen of England has recently joined the band wagon.
What are we trying to say? In the digital age that we live in, it is not enough to have a website, not even enough to have a print ad or a TV commercial. It’s all about quad media (print, TV, radio, Internet) and the proper formula for each client. Internet presence is a must, it is the place to be, it has become an avenue for doing business, keeping in touch and gathering of valuable (or invaluable) information (if you don’t know something, Google it). It has also become a gateway for people who want access to the global market.
The Internet has become a playground for programmers, computer enthusiasts, aspiring actors, singers and celebrities. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook is now the youngest billionaire. The Internet and social networking sites has also changed the face of the entertainment industry. Actors and singers are now being discovered on You Tube and if one has an army (millions) of “followers” on Twitter, that person can be catapulted to celebrity status. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are perfect examples of celebrities who are avid users of social networking sites. They don’t need their publicists anymore to release a statement, they can just go on Facebook, Twitter, etc and type away for the public to see. They have reinvented themselves through social networking. How about their privacy? They share what they want to share with the public and keep the rest to themselves.
Facebook vs. Twitter (What is the difference?)
A lof of people think that Facebook and Twitter are the same. They are wrong! On Facebook, when you accept a friend request, that person becomes your “friend.” On Twitter, you have “followers” instead of “friends.” You don’t necessarily have to follow the person who follows you. That is why it has become a major hit with the celebrities because they can vent about whatever they want as long as they keep it to a maximum of 140 characters (Twitter is a micro-blogging site, it restricts you to 140 characters). People then react to what they are saying by using their Twitter names (Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter name is @aplusk). They will only see the public’s reaction to their tweets if they visit the tab that says “@ mentions,” other than that, if they are not following you, they will not see your tweets appear on their homepage. On the other hand if you are following a person on Twitter, the “tweets” of that person will appear on your homepage but the person you are following is not obliged to follow you. That is the beauty of Twitter. Facebook is still more popular here in Manila but Twitter is catching on slowly but surely. There is a funny saying that goes “Facebook is for friends that are now strangers and Twitter is for strangers that are now friends.” When celebrities are in the mood they reply to fans publicly on Twitter and this brings them closer to their fans. Twitter has given celebrities and fans alike a unique place where they can interact. It’s definitely a new way of connecting with other people, strangers if you like.
And because we want to increase our Internet presence, we have now started a blog and we’ve created a You Tube channel to give everyone around the world a behind-the-scenes look at our events, campaigns and projects hoping to get more accounts in the near future.
Thank you to the Internet for giving us a level playing field. Here’s to global domination!
Here are some Twit Pics (photos shared on Twitter) from Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

As you can see, these photos were all taken using their iPhones.

An inside look at an Oscar after-party.

Behind-the-scenes of Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl’s movie, Killers.