Monday, May 4, 2015

The Art of Wine Storage

Cellar Solutions, wine preservation company, now open for business!

Turning vision to reality, Eric Wang and wife Charmaine proved that anything is possible if you love what you do.

It all started when Eric took charge of wine selection for a friend’s restaurant. He studied wine and went on to different wine tasting events to prepare for this new venture. At the same time, he was keeping an eye out for possible business opportunities. 

In one of his business trips, he was surprised to see a small wine cabinet (refrigerator) in his hotel room equipped with dual temperature to properly store the wine. For Eric, it felt quite a treat and he wanted to pursue the same service. Aware of the spectrum of wine equipment in the Philippine market, he saw his vision come to life --- a proper wine storage that is accessible for Filipinos.

After conducting further research into the brand, Vintec, a few email exchanges and a trip to their headquarters in Singapore to meet with founder Laurent Ducourneau, Eric’s application as an exclusive distributor in the Philippines was approved and is now available in Cellar Solutions. They are in the business of providing wine preservation solutions both for home and commercial use.
With Laurent’s 20 years of market experience, he then created Vintec to suit the needs of the Asia Pacific region. The brand certainly has gone a long way from its first-ever wine cabinet in classic range made in 1997 to its current lineup of stylish wine cabinets with more features to meet the demands of its clientele.

Event Host Issa Litton with Cellar Solutions' Charmaine Wang

Issa Litton hosted the event as guests took in the showroom’s collection of contemporary designed Vintec wine cabinets. One cannot help but marvel at its features ---from bottle capacity to shelving designs! The science of wine must be taken into consideration so that it can be enjoyed the way its winemaker intended for it to be.

Vintec Founder Laurent Ducourneau flew to Manila especially for the event!

One of the main highlights during the launch was the wine appreciation activity by Laurent

During the launch, Laurent emphasized the importance of storing wine at its optimum, even showcasing a simple demo of wines in different temperatures. In a tropical climate such as ours, wines must be properly stored to achieve the perfect taste! Expensive or cheap, wine can be enjoyed if you optimize the bottle’s potential by storing it right.

Restaurateur Elbert Cuenca, Manila Bulletin's Style Weekend Editor Liza Ilarde, Tim Yap, Leung De Leon Marketing's Creative Director Theresa Leung, Issa Litton and Javi Martinez
Monica Araneta, Theresa Leung, Chef Gino Gonzalez with wife, TV Host China Cojuangco-Gonzalez, Charmaine Wang and Leung De Leon Marketing's Accounts Director Claudine De Leon
Cellar Solutions' Eric Wang with Cyril Raysseguier of My Sommelier
Congrats to Aya Tantiangco of for winning a Peugeot Ibis Decanter raffle prize!
Liza Ilarde took home a Peugeot Melchior Basalte Corkscrew, designed to smoothly open a bottle of wine!

Cheers to Eric and Charmaine Wang for providing total wine preservation solutions!

We leave you with Charmaine’s top 3 tips to ensure that your wine stays in excellent condition:

1. Know which wines can age, when is the ideal year to enjoy it, and understand that some wines are just meant to be enjoyed young and fresh.

2. Purchase your wine from a reputable merchant who takes care in bringing in and keeping the wines at the ideal storage conditions at all times. Air-conditioning is not ideal storage as wines need to be kept at 12-14 degrees for ageing and proper storage.

3. Ensure that you are able to keep the ideal storage conditions where you will keep your wines. Our tropical room temperature is simply too hot and can spoil the wine.

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